lexico Maths QUiz Gameshow word-juice
Lexico – (Junior/Middle) Lexico-Cognition is an App to develop language understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills in a playful way. Math Quiz Game Show (Middle/Senior) Kids develop math skills as they compete as contestants on a TV game show! Different versions are available for kids for different ages. Word Juice (Middle/Senior) Your task is simple: squeeze as much juice from the oranges as you can in three minutes. To squeeze you must make words from the letters available.
Boxed In Book Creator Bridge Builder
Boxed In (Middle/Senior) Problem solving and logical thinking Book Creator – Create books for presentation and sharing easily Bridge Constructor – One of our favourites. Basic engineering concepts in a fun and challenging environment!
Chess Chicktionary Dexteria
Chess (Middle/Senior) Learn how to play a challenging and strategic game Chicktionary(Middle/Senior Classes) Word game, great for spelling practice. Dexteria (All Classes) Fine motor skill development exercises.


Dodge Dot dyslexia_quest-e1388701682416 Explain Everything Article Image
Dodge Dot (All Classes) Hand eye coordination, patience and fine motor skills. Dyslexia Quest (Middle/Senior Classes) Practices and reinforces key literacy skills such as auditory processing. Explain Everything (Middle/Senior) Presentation and explanation tool, recording ability and playback. Great for projects


Hairy Letter Heads Up Instagrok
Hairy Letters (Junior) Letter formation and tracing Heads Up – (Middle/Senior) Great fun, based on guessing an answer based on clues a partner gives you. Very good for oral language and description. Requires fast thinking! Instagrok (Middle/Senior) Search engine which gives a mind map result. Difficulty of text can be adjusted.


Jumbline Kahoot logo6 Khan Academy
Jumbline (Middle/Senior Classes) Word game, great for spelling practice. Kahoot! (All) – Fun quiz activity (not strictly and app, an online resource) Khan Academy (Middle/Senior) – Numeracy skills training, videos, challenges and activities.


Letris Math Bingo Quick Math
Leitris (Middle/Senior) – Word finding game, challenging! Styled like the old favourite, Tetris! Math Bingo (Middle/Senior Classes) Number reinforcement and practice of mathematical operations. Quick Math (Middle/Senior) Number facts practice, use your finger to write the answer as quickly as possible!


Rush-Hour TInker Box Writing Fun
Rush Hour (Middle/Senior) Great app for testing problem solving and logical thinking. AIm to get the red car out in the least amount of moves possible! Tinker Box (Senior) TinkerBox is a fun, free-to-play physics puzzle game. Very entertaining and challenging. Writing Wizard (Junior Classes) Letter/number formation and sounds.


bricks 4 kids Crazy Copy doodle-critter-shapes
Bricks 4 Kids – (Junior/Middle) Bricks 4 Kids challenges children to count numbers forwards and backwards by clicking on the bricks in the correct order. Crazy Copy (All Classes) Memory and pattern repetition, helps with working memory. Critter Maths (Junior Classes) Number sound, recognition and counting exercises.


Duolingo_logo Jungle Maths Bingo King of maths
Duo Lingo – (Middle/Senior) App for learning languages (including Irish!), contains vocabulary, quizzes and challenges. Jungle Maths Bingo, Jungle Time and Jungle Coins are available from the same creator. (Junior and Middle Classes) King of Maths (Middle/Senior) Number facts reinforcement. `