Boolavogue National School is a mainstream, co-educational primary school, serving the historical, rural community of Boolavogue and its surrounding areas. It is a Roman Catholic School under the patronage of the Bishop of Ferns. This Catholic ethos is promoted sincerely, but in a spirit of tolerance and respect for the beliefs of all who attend the school.

Our committed and enthusiastic teaching staff foster the overall development of the children in a caring and supportive environment.

As well as achieving their highest potential we want to enable the children to develop as social beings through living and cooperating with others and so contribute to the good of society.

As depicted in our school crest, we aim to promote the children’s spiritual, moral and cultural values; and to develop their awareness and understanding of their environment. We also seek to promote the children’s physical and emotional well-being and to develop the artistic and creative abilities of each child to the best of their ability.

We strive to make school a happy place for all children and we endeavour to prepare the children in our care for further education and lifelong learning.

As a Catholic Primary School our guiding light is the teaching of Jesus Christ. His teachings and example inform and guide our daily lives in school. While we embrace a Catholic ethos in the school, we also respect and accept children of all faiths and none.

As a school community, we aim to be an honest, welcoming, mutually respectful, supportive and fair school. Respect and equality are integral to the ethos of our school.

In March of 2016 we had 2016 a Whole School Evaluation of Management, Leadership and Learning was carried out by the Department of Education Inspectorate. Please find the full report at this link